I bought Cubase 11 but only Cubase 12 is showing in my products. Cant activate 11 on usb-elicenser

Hey all,

I bought Cubase 11 pro (with free update to 12). I want to use only Cubase 11 since im on macOS Catalina.

After entering the download acces code which was included in the boxed package, in the download assistant it only shows Cubase 12 in my product list.

in the package was also the usb licenser for Cubase 11. I have it registered. But it says there are no products on the elicenser.

Cubase 11 is also not visible in the activation manager. (12 is). I understand that 12 automaticly makes an activation code. But i need an activation code for Cubase 11. (which isnt included in the package).

If somebody can help me out how to install Cubase 11 without an activation code and ignoring 12, you save my life,

Kind regards, P from The Netherlands


If the license you purchased is a full license (not an upgrade), then you automatically get the current version, that is, Cubase 12. That is why it only shows Cubase 12, and this latter do not use the eLicenser anymore, it has been replaced with the Activation Manager. So everything looks fine.
I’m sorry but this is not possible to get previous versions with full licences.
For example if you find an old unopened box of Cubase 9, then redeeming it will give you Cubase 12…
It’s like going to the car dealership and asking for a new Civic, you will get the current one and not the old model from 10 years ago.


Thanks for the Quick reply. I bought a crossgrade which is also a full license. Your reply about automatically getting the current version and the Activation manager makes total sense.

The strange misleading thing is that I bought Cubase 11 with an usb elisencer and it gives me no option to install 11, only 12. —To me its just a logical thought that If i buy 11, I can use it.— The free update to 12 is nice… but my computer is not capable of running it.

Its like ordering a slightly older Civic that was available on their site but they send me the current model. I just want what I ordered. I should have done better research. (now looking for a new computer;)

but thanks for the information!

Have you even tried to install it, or are you just making assumptions based on the minimum requirements written on the website ?

I’m not on Mac but afaik here on the forums, many people have confirmed that Cubase 12 was running perfectly on Catalina, so this should not be a problem.

If you are really running into compatibility issues then I’d recommend to get in touch with Steinberg Support and kindly explain your problem, and ask for a Cubase 11 license. Hopefully they will accept. :wink:

I didnt even think about installing it since it’s not officially supported. But your reply made me go for it and guess what, Its running smooth and no issues so far. I have not installed my 3rd party plugins yet so I keep my fingers crossed… Tnx for helping me out… Much appreciated!

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Hi I have done exactly the same as above on Win10. But I had previously installed the trial version of 12 Pro. I have installed 11 and everything indicates that it has upgrade to 12 and is working OK. but it still says I am working on 12 PRO, i.e. not Artist 12. Any ideas what will happen when the pro trial runs out? :slight_smile: