I bought Cubase 2nd hand and I can't register the dongle

I bought a Cubase from the hands of a license on an e-licensor and everything works, but I can’t register it on my account since it is linked to the seller’s account, of course, I don’t have the seller’s contacts. Is there any way to fix this registration issue?

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Please, read thru the Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software article.

good afternoon) at the moment the information on your link is not available. Please clarify whether there is any way to link my license to an account if there is no connection with the seller?


The link works for me. It links to a wizard, where you can configure exactly your case (USB/Soft-eLicenser; the only one license transfer/all license transfer; …) and you will see, what is needed to do.

Hello. If you buy new clear usb dongle, after you can transfer your license from this you have to new another one you buying, and of course register your new dongle with your license on your account after this procedure.
Or if you don’t want to buying new, you most contact steinberg support and maybe they can help you with contact to the seller.
Or use this like you have now not account registered if you trust to the seller.
Good luck.

it shows me this link notification
“Master Resale is currently being reviewed. Please try again later.”

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good evening) either I misunderstood you or you me) I bought a USB flash drive (key) already with a license on it. I want to link it to my account, but I can’t, because the license on the key is registered on another account and, unfortunately, there is no connection with the seller.

@serden1all He is saying to buy another dongle and transfer the license to that from the one you have.

But, this will not work if your own dongle has been flagged for fraud, etc. For example, if a user activated Zero Downtime, claiming they lost the elicenser, and then they sell it to someone.

The seller should have released the USB key registration, and unfortunately you’re in a precarious position since they didn’t do it.

Just try and you coming to see and know.

Try what?

Buy the clear usb dongle and try to transfer you license from your to new one.

That will only work if the current device has not been blacklisted due to fraud.

Hello. He said it worked fine without problem on this dongle hi have bought.

You do not understand how it works. The license itself is not blocked, but the transferring of licenses using the device is.

So it’s a $30 experiment.

They can try to contact support directly to find out what the status of the key is, but only if they are in the UK, CH, EU or USA. Otherwise via a local dealer it can be quite difficult depending on where they are.

I’m know and understand very well how it works.
I’m working with steinberg products from scratch very many years and long time ago.
Did you have some solution for him?
Or maybe better to him contact the steinberg support? Because just they have answer and can see if this is blocked or not and if seller’s have new license now after blocked or losing old. Just they can see in their steinberg system and data base this information.
We just trying to help him buddy.
You and me together,hope you understand me! Thanks for everyone here too,who have solution or best answer for this question.
Sometimes people need to do experiment himself if nobody can help or answer, and paying too if this needs of course, and if they have money for this.It’s our life today and of course Musik too.
Or maybe somebody have the extra dongle or money for him?Who want to help with this if someone can?
Best regards.

i understood what you mean as you wrote and after duplicating our friend steve “you will need to purchase another new key that you buy and of course register a new key with your license in your account after this procedure.” and yes you were right it worked!!! thanks!!!

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now I have my license in my office on a new key. Which even has a grace period for updating to cubase 12. but my elicensor (application), despite the addition of a grace period, refuses to update the license from 11 pro to 12 pro. There is a grace period on the license itself and this is indicated both on the site and on the key itself. I will clarify that the license itself (the key that is on a flash drive, not a flash drive) falls under the grace period. Is it possible that the licenser (application) refuses to update the key because I just registered it (the flash drive-key) in my account yesterday.

Did you read the Licensing FAQ? The new system is not on the Elicenser.

Yes, of course there is a complete instruction on this subject in which everything is written. But as mentioned above, the licensee refuses to renew the license. maybe I’m doing something wrong … but according to the instructions, everything is simple.

in the Activation Manager?