I bought Cubase Artist 11, but I can only download Cubase Artist 12

Hello everyone! I just bought Cubase artist 11 from a store here in Sweden and tried to download I last night. In the download assistant I can only download Cubase artist 12. The reason why I bought 11 is that my OS don’t support 12, so this is obviously a problem for me. I have tried to download artist 11 from the support site, but the activation key that I have does not fit the format of the downloaded version. What do I do?
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Emil Näsström

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You always get the latest version from Steinberg thanks to the Grace Period policy.

Please, get in touch with your local support to ask for the older version too.

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Hi Emil,

You can find Cubase 11 Artist for download here:

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But you need the license. With Cubase 12 license, you cannot start Cubase 11.

Nobody is talking about a Cubase 12 license.

If you buy a boxed retail copy of “Cubase 11”, the download access code will automatically be converted to the latest version (currently Cubase 12).

That goes to any box that doesn’t have specify a number on it.

Retailers may list this as “Cubase Pro 10” or “Cubase Pro 11”, but this is actually a generic box for the latest version.

Martin is right. The topic starter should contact support to see if they can provide a Cubase 11 activation code.

Do note that Cubase 12 may still run on your OS version, even if it’s technically unsupported by Steinberg.