I bought Dorico3 and I can no longer download my software. Please help!


I bought it when I was in college for an education discount and now I cannot find my link. My download activation is no longer working and Idk what to do. Please help!

I have finished college but I paid a lot of money to buy it. Is it gone forever?

The EDU licenses don’t expire at some point, so you should be able to continue using it. Have you tried to download Dorico from here or via the Steinberg Download Assistant?
If you want to install it on a different computer, you probably need to reactivate the license through MySteinberg except it’s on a dongle.

I believe Abhi has resolved this issue, going by the responses to this Facebook post: Abhi Timbadia

Welcome to the forum @Abhishek_Timbadia - just so you’re aware (and I guess you probably would have done anyway in less urgent-feeling circumstances) but it’s very helpful to include a mention in your posts when you’ve asked the same question in both the forum and facebook group, and if possible link to each in each as well. That way, people helping you in either place can know what you’ve already been told.

Sorry, I must’ve gotten overwhelmed and panicked. I am not used to having licenses revoked like this from other publishers…

Thanks a lot!

Not to worry at all! I’m sure most people would understand your feelings in such a moment. Just a thought for any future questions you might have :slight_smile: