I bought HALion6 (last day of sale) need installation disks


I bought HALion 6, even without a trial.

I watched a few reviews, some sounds I wasn’t impressed with but I figured, the orchestral sounds must be better than in the past e.g. HAL3 but I have one problem, I can’t download the sounds!

Short of re-designing the Download Manager to just allow specific sounds (hint, hint Steinberg) is it possible to obtain a disk?

I remember in the past when I originally purchased Cubase 5 (cut-down version, now upgraded to full) I asked for a disk and one was sent immediately from Germany, which as I remember affirmed my faith in Steinberg at the time so might this be possible again?

While I can wait a month when my internet plan resets, I’d like to have disks in any case since the AAX version means I can take the plugin elsewhere, which is something I will definitely want to do because the studio I will be using has the so-called “Industry Standard” pro-tools and the sounds there aren’t all that great.

I was sold on the idea that I can create my own sounds from the included content and distribute them to users that have the free HALion Sonic player so was this a good decision in hindsight?

Any information would be appreciated.