I bought one of these - Microsoft Surface Dial

Wow!!!thanks soooooo much PG. I will do as you suggest. It is ALSO great news that the Surface dial will become even more useful in WL 11.1.10. Thanks again!!!

I haven’t got one yet, but I would love it to help me search and pinpoint resonating frequencies using an eq plugin to notch out. For example, assign the dial to the frequency band of an eq so that I can accurately sweep through the frequencies, I still use a mouse for it but I can see the dial be helpful here, especially if it can be set to small increment value changes for super-accurate selections. I should get another midi controller but I’m literally running out of real estate in this room. a little dial would be decent though,

Excellent news. Thanks PG!

Just ordered one in anticipation of 11.1.10, thanks once again for making our jobs easier / cooler PG