I bought the full version of C10 at 50% off, then the 50% off on 'upgrade' was made available

Hi, I recently bought Cubase Pro 10. I have Cubase LE 10 and actually just wanted to simply upgrade from it to Pro. However, Steinberg only offered the 50% discount on full versions of Cubase during their 30th anniversary promo and did not make it available for ‘upgrades’ until recently. :cry: So my question is, what do I do with my Cubase LE 10 license now when I could’ve just upgraded it? I don’t like to like hoard Cubase versions. I want to get rid of my old license preferably by simply upgrading. I was just compelled to buy a fresh version of Pro because I thought they really weren’t giving upgrade discount. I would like to know if I’m eligible for a refund because obviously upgrading would’ve been my easy choice. Thanks.