I can buy spectra layers upgrade from my old magix version?

Hi, I had no idea Steinberg took over spectra layers…was very surprised to just find that out.

Around 3 years ago from memory, I bought a magix special which included samplitude, sound forge and spectra layers (3 I think) for a ridiculous price. I only bought it for spectra layers as I am on mac, as it was still cheaper than buying just spectra layers.

Wow, I really have to dig and find my purchase now… what exactly do I need to upgrade to V6?

Just proof of purchase? Will that do? I never ended up installing it or using it, ever, after all that, but I’d like to…

I am sure I can find the purchase receipt in my email history somewhere.

Or do I provide Steinberg with the email and name I used for the purchase and they cross check with magix? I am not sure so any info appreciated.


They do not request anything. You buy it and that’s it.

but it (the program/installer or something else…) will check that you have an older version of spectralayers, i assume. or it is very strange…

well it won’t be possible to install that on my current mac with Catalina, so, that’s out of the question.

Maybe someone from Steinberg can chime in on what should be a straightforward question.

Thank you both for answering thus far thoug. :slight_smile: