I can hear notes only when clicking them

I thought I’d seen this problem solved before, but I can’t seem to find any posts to that effect.

On a couple of my staves, I can hear the instruments just fine when I click individual notes, but on playback, they’re silent. Very odd. In the Play tab, the dynamics and MIDI (CC1) information look just fine.

Please help, gurus.

Never mind, solved the problem by switching the notes to a new voice, then back to their original voice.

Looks like a bug in the software, but fortunately that got my playback back on track.

A quick FYI for the developers: this happened to me again, after introducing a new tom-tom staff to the score. The VST settings on my violin I and II staves got screwed up for whatever reason, so I changed them back to the proper VST, only once again to make the dreaded discovery that playback was dead.

Switching to a new voice and back again had no effect. The original voice remained permanently silent, even after I restarted Dorico.

I was able to fix the problem partially by switching to a different VST, then back to the proper one. Playback doesn’t respect playing techniques on the original voice, though. (So, muted strings play unmuted, for example.) Techniques are interpreted properly on the second voice, however. Really annoying.

This is Dorico, by the way.

You added a new tom-tom instrument held by a new player, and this caused the VST assignment for two other instruments to change? How did they change?

Then when you re-set the assignments, presumably using the track headers in Play mode, playback was completely silent, and nothing played back at all? Did the playhead move, or was everything completely stalled? Did the red warning triangle appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the window, suggesting that the audio engine’s buffer was full?

Once you then re-set the assignment a second time to a different VST, playback for the whole project was restored? But then when you returned the assignment for a third time, back to the original VST, playback was restored, but it was not playing the correct playing techniques?

This all sounds very mysterious to me.

Playback was silent only on the two affected staves. All other instruments sounded fine. There were no red triangle warnings.

I’ve since eliminated the problem (by copying the music on the affected staves to two new violin staves, then deleting the old staves), but I’ll see if I can reproduce it. I’ll post a link to a video if I manage it.