I can no longer get audio from Dorico

I’m running Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave). That’s why I have not installed Dorico 4.x, which requires Mac OS 10.15+.

I used to be able to use the “P” key to play a Dorico files, but it does not work any more. Can anyone help?

open audio midi setup if you have Mac and see two outputs in built-in out.

@RZDorico, Sorry for my ignorance, but how to I get there (what menu items)?

By the way, I do have sound on my Mac – i.e., I can play videos in QuickTime or via web browser and the sound is fine.

search for audio midi setup in the search bar…

when you play music or a movie you can hear from both sides? left and right?

Thank you. This is what I found:

Unfortunately, I don’t see anything that needs to be changed there. Do you or does anyone else?

In dorico if you click on stereo output what happens?

Eric, do you find that all Dorico projects fail to play back, or is the problem limited to specific projects?

Dorico on my machine does not play any Dorico projects. Thank you.

I do not know where to click on stereo output in Dorico.

Hi @EricC , would you please create a new project from piano template and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report? The corresponding zip file please post here. Thanks

Thank you, Ulf. Here it is. I simply created an empty new project – I added nothing to it.
EricC No Audio Dorico Diagnostics.zip (693.9 KB)

Ulf & everybody else. I did what you said, Ulf, and submitted the Diagnostics Report above. However, I have good news: Once I went back to Dorico after doing that, Dorico 3.5 now produces sound. So … this problem is solved. Thanks to @RZDorico, @dspreadbury, and @Ulf!

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