I can not buy from the website the cubase elements 11 I am in Peru

Could someone guide me, I’m from Peru
I’ve been trying for two days and I can’t


What happens when you try? It’s not easy to help with the small amount of info given.

Have you tied to pay with PayPal instead of your credit card?

You can buy it from Sweetwater . I don’t know about Peru, but here in Brazil, american dollars are cheaper than Euros, so it is another bonus when buying there.


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it is safe page to buy

Yes. Sweetwater is one of the best online shops. I bought from them a lot (including cubase pro and wavelab elements upgrades).

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I concur!

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I bought from them a lot, too. Probably too much. That damned 0% interest deal gets me way too often. It’s a good thing I have a $3,500 limit! Pretty much just maxed it out, though. Another package arriving tomorrow …

By the way, Sweetwater isn’t just an “online shop”. It’s a real (huge) establishment with real people. I have been dealing with them for years and have never had any issues.

Sweetwater Music Store | Sweetwater.com