I can not get this eighth note rest.

I am trying to finish the edition of a long project started in Dorico 1. Almost all the endings consist of an eighth note (left hand) under a eight rest (right hand). After writing dozens of flows without major problems, in the last rest of this flow I can not find a way to get it. Do what I do it ends up dividing in two sixteenths rest.

Am I missing something?


Dorico flow

I was able to enter your example without trouble - but I don’t know if that helps you or not! I put no meter in my version, and inserted a barline after I had entered all the notes.

Then, if you wish you can click on the left-hand rests you want to remove, and select Remove Rests from the Edit menu.


You should be able to sort this out using Force Duration:

  1. Select the first of the two 16th rests, and type Shift+N to show the caret.
  2. Type , (comma) to engage rest input.
  3. Type O to engage Force Duration.
  4. Type 5 to choose eighth.
  5. Type Y to input a rest.

Thanks Stephen. That worked fine in the more than 50 previous flows. But not in this one. I suppose something that has to do with having been created in version 1.

OK Daniel. Step 5 (Y for rest) is what I was doing wrong. I was trying to force a figure and then deleting it, but it was divided into two rests. Thanks!