I can only use half CPU Power on quad core Intel I5


Any suggestions tips etc as to why I am only about to utilize half my CPU power on a quad core Intel I5

Cubase registers at 100% and crashes but CPU load is only registering around 40-50% max

I have turned on multi-core processing and disabled power saving in Cubase.

The current test I am running is with Amplitude 3 64bit (I have tried other VSTs but same result)
I get to 12 instances of the plugin then I get the crash message… Then the Disk meter peaks and overloads, it goes from 0 to 100% when I open instance 12. I have tried this in the demo verion of cubase 6 and it also has the same result.

DAW: Cubase Studio 5
O/S: Win7 64bit
CPU: Intel I5 quad core
Ram: 12gb
Motherboard: Intel DP55WB
Sound card: Saffire Pro40 x2 (Sample Rate 44.1 at 512 buffer)
Graphics Card: Nvidia Force G210

You can’t compare Cubase’ ASIO performance directly with the overall system performance, different views.

The performance you see / monitor in Cubase, is an ASIO audio driver performance, which only have priority to use up some of the total cpu / system time. There is more task, jobs in windows that has nothing to do with audio, and that also needs some cpu time. So that’s why you not see a completely maxed out cpu.


Did you mean the ASIO meter or the Disk meter?

The ASIO performance is heavily affected by the soundcards buffer size, try raising the buffer size and test again.

Thanks. i have made some progress and i have asio registering at half now rather than full.

I am still havink a disk crash at 12 instances of the plugin.
As mention the disk is registering zero at 11 instances of the plugin but at 12 thw disk
indicator shoots up to overload.


Is this with Amplitude 3 or just any plugin? that plugin is a bit of a hog, running 12 Amplitudes!!!

@split, yeah it looks like it’s an Amplitude 3 issue now, I tried other pluggins (Waves IR-1, Aphex Aural Exciter and SPL Virtalizer MK2-T) and managed to get to 50 instances, so it’s not a cpu load issue anymore ,it must be something to do withthe way Amplitude 3 accesses the hard disk, could be a bug, but how many people would ever really use 12 instances of Amplitude 3 (I was just using to test load).

Now I wish I knew what I did to improve cpu load, I tried so many things in the last few days, I don’t really know what actually made a difference. One thing that I have done though, is change from 44.1 to 48 sample rate. You would think that would use more cpu, but it seems find, so it will be intereting to see how it performs.

Thanks for your help.