i can see the wave form, routing is correct but NO AUDIO

hey there,
at the school i teach we’ve recently installed cubase elements 7 due to my own experience i found this a fine program for simple mixing and editing. but what happend and plz help me out here…

i import an audio file (mono) it appears in the project window, i hit F3 to route the audiosignal to the output channel but what happend: NO AUDIO also nothing is happening on the meter of the channel so it seems to me that the routing is not correct but i’ve tried almost anything.
it is getting stranger because when i add an instrumenttrack like halion or so it all works well…
is this a kown bug? do i need an update? what is going on…
i work with cubase for several years now and have never experienced anything like this before.

Can you post a screenshot of the routing for that audio channel?

Also my Cubase 7.5.40 has been known to throw a mute on channels, including the main outs, for reasons I can’t explain, would double check in the mixer whether all is good in that regard.

hi guys,
i’ve put some photo’s in an attachment.
cubase knip 2.PNG.jpg
cubase knip 1.PNG

If you use the scrub function does it play (right mouse click and select the little speaker icon, then press and hold on the audio file)?

yep…but there is a progression… i’ve put another usb (m-track usb interface) and it is working!!! strange but i quess the digidesign m-box is NOT competable with cubase it will appear in the divice setup dropdown menu but does something strange with cubase…
maybe tomorrow things are different but i thank you anyway for quick response!