I can’t buy any plugin in the app

  • i can’t buy any plug in in app

Hi everyone
I have bought the cubasis 2 twice
I found out I can’t buy any plugin in the app
I have contact iTunes, then Apple told me nothing wrong about my account payment, so that is not my problems

Can anyone help me?
How to solve this problems?
It’s because I need those plugin to work

Hi akyiyi,

Thanks for your message.

Once Cubasis or another app has been purchased, it can not be purchased once more.
Please provide us with more details, what you exactly did.

From what we’ve tested, the in-app shop in Cubasis works fine to purchase the listed in-app purchases.
Please let us know, where trying to buy in-app purchases fails at your end.

Additionally, please browse the web for App Store iPad issues.
There are many useful articles from third parties, often times helpful to solve problems instantly.

Hope that helps!


I Have contact to iTunes and App Store
They said nothing wrong with my account
So that is Cubasis app bug

Can u guys check this out

Those photo is below there
The buy button is gone or turn grey color
Can I can’t buy any of them

Hi akiyi,

Thanks for your message.

The screenshots show that you’ve already bought the in-app purchases.
The RoomWorks reverb plug-in shown in the third shot can be unlocked for free, when registering Cubasis (please follow the on-screen instructions).

Please go ahead and try to load the Classic Machines instrument and Waves effect plug-in.
Given the information shown on the screenshot, they should load and work just fine.

How to load Classic Machines

  • Please tap the piano icon on the MIDI track in the track list
  • Choose “Classic Machines” from the list

How to load the Waves effects

  • Please tap the “Insert Effects” tab in the inspector to the left
  • Choose Waves plug-ins from the list

Hope that helps!