I can’t input a ] into Dorico Project Info window

I wonder about the reason for me being unable to input a right bracket ] into a Dorico Project Info… window.
This happens on both my Mac computers - independent from which language I run the Software in: if I input a right bracket, the information window just jumps to the next (flow) card - as if this keystroke is linked to some kind of command, which usually should be a different one.
To find out what is going wrong: which keystroke normally involves a change to the next card in the information window?

[edit] this is a follow up from a thread I started a year ago

  • and a problem I have not solved yet…


As a workaround you can copy a [ or ] from somewhere else and paste it into project info. But you’re right, [ and ] are not so common keycommands for switching between cards…

It works fine for me. Normally, TAB should move between text fields. And you say that the Keyboard Input Language is not a factor? If you use US or UK Keyboard layout, you still get the problem?

Does this happen in any other app?
Screenshot 3.png

Ben, this does not happen in other applications, just in Dorico.
German keyboard layout: with Alt+5 (for [) and Alt+6 (for ]) I can jump between flow cards (not text fields - there the usual TAB works fine):
If I change to another keyboard layout (f.e. English) I can input the [ and the ] without any problems. In that keyboard layout I do not find a shortcut to switch between flow panels - but it must somewhere exist…

insteresting sidenote: on my german windows keyboards “[” is AltGr+8, “]” is AltGr+9 - but has the same effect as you, k_b, experience.

It seems Dorico (no matter wether it runs in English or in a translated user interface) does interpret the [ ] bracket keystrokes of the german keyboard layout in a different way - at least on macOS.

I can explain this, though what I can’t explain is why it doesn’t happen in languages other than German. The Project Info has some special shortcuts built-in for the next/previous flow buttons, which are mapped to the left and right bracket keys. I’ll remove those special shortcuts in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thank you Daniel,

I am using the [brackets] for my Copyright Info Field on a regular base, that’s why I will be thankful when the input will be easier again.