I can´t see my VSTi

You do need to follow this procedure manually. Please refer to the knowledge base article for the detailed steps here.

Yes, that´s what I think that I´ve done, but it doesn´t work. Or am I doing something wrong?

You must, by definition, have done something wrong if the VST instruments are not showing up in Dorico. Check the contents of your vst2whitelist.txt file. Make sure that the 32-digit number (GUID) for each plug-in is set correctly. Make sure that the name of the plug-in file is shown absolutely correctly (i.e. its filename, minus the file extension). Make sure that each of the GUIDs you have listed in your vst2whitelist.txt file are also listed in your defaults.xml file, and so on.

I’m afraid I can’t provide any further help than that. If you can’t figure it out on your own, then you could try contacting our support team by way of the contact form on your MySteinberg page.

I´ll do it, then. Thank you for your time anyway, and again congrats for the excellent work that you´re doing.

I’m testing Dorico in trial version and seems i cannot have support on MySteinberg page, but I’ve the same issue of MBM: I cannot see ony vst plugin except Halion…
Can anyone help me?

I assume you’ve been through the procedure outlined in the FAQ thread, and in the knowledge base article?

… I am an absolute new user of Dorico. But I am using Cubase over 10 years now.
Concerning 3rd party VST2 plugins , it is much to complicated with Dorico. I don’t want to look up any whitelist or blacklist file in order to type in something plus a bunch of digits. It should be possible whithin Dorico itself, to manage already installed vst instruments and plugins. How about a plugin-manager whithin Dorico, to tell him where on the HD the dll’s are located… Evrerything else afterwards should be done by Dorico, in order to get the vst instruments on the list of available engines of the playback tab.
Kind regards from Germany