I cannot access a flow in the 5th slot (there are 6) from the play mode unless it is in 4TH POSITION

When my flow are are the correct order I cannot accsss the 4th flow from the play unless 4 and 5 are swapped? From the dropdown I select the 4th flow. When I select 5he 5th flow it opens the 4th. Hope that makes sense

additionally, if I change the order of the flows then it becomes accessible.

I’m sorry? I’m not sure you are talking about a flow, or at least there isn’t a drop down of flows in play mode unless maybe you are talking about the iPad version and it is different?

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 08.05.18
what’s this?

That would be a feature I’d never noticed before- my bad -:flushed: I just keep learning things.

Can you show a picture of the drop-down list?

I know that if you have something selected, you can’t change the flow using that control.