I cannot activate Cubase 12 with message "Cubase 11 (Not upgradable)" on eLCC

Hello! I’ve been using Cubase AI 11 Bundled with YAMAHA AG03 since last Dec., and I bought upgrade Cubase Artist 12 today.

  1. The product I bought was “Cubase Artist 12 upgrade from Cubase AI 11”
  2. I got email with Activation Code/Download Access Code after completed credit card payment.
  3. I’ve installed using Steinberg Download Assistant, completely.
  4. I entered Activation code on eLicenser Control Center(
  5. Although it showed “Cubase Artist 11(Not upgradable)”, I clicked “OK” as it was.
  6. In the next, it showed “License upgrade you executing is available only for the license recorded on USB-e-Licenser…”, and I can only click “Cancel”.
  7. I cannot transfer the license from USB-e-Licenser to Soft-e-Licenser, just because my previous was Cubase AI and I don’t have any USB dongle.
  8. On “Steinberg Activation Manager”, it still shows “Verification Pending” in 1 month after.

Thank you for reading my long text.
Could you please let me know some solution for that problem in 1 month.
Really appreciate for your warm instructions in advance.

p.s. by myself. Kindly please let me know some articles which I should refer, if it duplicated.
Thanks a lot!