I cannot activate my Cubase Pro 10 update licence.

Two or three years ago I bought full boxed Cubase Pro 8.5.

Today I bought Update to Cubase Pro 10 from Cubase 7 / 7.5 / Pro 8 / 8.5

I got my activation code but I cannot enter licence, because “there is no licence available which can be upgraded.”
I see at my eLicencer Control Center CUBASE PRO 9. I never bought licence to Cubase Pro 9!!
What can I do now?

Did I buy wrong update?!

I attached screenshoot.



Obviously you got a grace period update to Cubase 9.
Yes that´s the wrong update then.

Dear DelianoCarl,

Looks like you got a free grace period Update to Cubase Pro 9 in the past.
Please refund your purchase and buy the Update from Cubase Pro 9.


I don’t understand because prices are different. Update from Cubase 8.5 costs £85 but update from Cubase 9 costs £68.
So I understand that by some miracle I will pay less?