I cannot get an input signal into cubase LE from my Zoom 4hn

I cannot get an input signal into cubase LE from my Zoom 4hn. I have been through the manual and amended all the setting as required:
I have download and installed the latest drivers from the zoom website
I am using the Zoom H series ASIO driver in the driver drop-down under device setup
I have set my zoom to default devise for record and play back in the sound section of my high spec pc with windows 7
I have selected the the zoom for devise and port for both input and output under vst connections and they are now showing as active under devise set up
i have connected the zoom via usb and done successful test recordings in window recorder
i have set up new project etc
In the inspector on the right hand side in cubase inputs and outputs are showing as as stereo in 1 and stereo for out
Monitor is switched on on the zoom and recommended

But i still cannot get any input signal in cubase and i do not know what else to do.

Is there anyone else having this problem? please help

So you are trying to record your guitar onto an audio track?

Create a new MONO input bus in VST Connections assigned to your guitar input and select that as your track input?