I cannot get Dorico Pro trial. I have Dorico Elements

I have Dorico Elements 4.2 i wanted check few things Dorico Pro i dont get Pro trial working licence does not show and program still shows Elements version. I dont get download access code (if needed) or something like it but my Download tool shows Dorico Pro 4 etc. if i cannot get anymore trial then i must get info somewhere is one thing possible or not.

Did you look at the comparison of editions, there you can find all differences between versions

No is not tell is possible or not (i need feature details how it works etc not only feature is here i know basic feature is here even used few years ago trial but not imagined need check this kind things what i now talk) and i say here what i look: is related custom notation symbols and thing is possible do such from any unicode character. at least Dorico Elements Musical Text does not show this symbol what i need (i know is not maybe related what this editor shows what i talk,also does not show (i think) two related characters i think they are full open and full closed hihat notation symbols) but using Character Map i font actually Bravura Text has such symbol (also these two others what i mention but i can add these others now but third is missing). is related how half open hihat is notated in current way. I allready buyed Elements and soon i can (and i try do it bit faster if i can do this one important thing i can put things different priorities) i buy upgrade to Pro version. why i dont buy directly Pro version whole months saving (its in my max budget for anything else than basic life (what means clothes,medicine,and hobbies and basic life means food,electricity,web etc) now is about at least 4 months long (i need pay my computer away when is payed i get more money expect if prices go higher) time when i you want notate and tool what you used (i dont say which but its budget solution many dislike it even has many good features) slow (when we have many staves and mean editing not not viewing allready exits music),some cases weird bugs (but still good features as well) and you cannot do many things what Dorico do easier or automatic even,and i dont want learn tool much what you dont use soon anymore) its price difference. why buyed this other imagined has all what i needed and found no is not true at all (and i cannot do custom symbosl in this tool and VST support is painful next best still to Dorico i think).

If you request a Dorico Pro trial version, you should find it in Steinberg Activation Manager, and you can temporarily deactivate your Dorico Elements license and then activate your Dorico Pro trial license.

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@Ben_at_Steinberg has already replied on @MXHeppa’s Facebook post about the topic, so hopefully this well get resolved soon.

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I think we managed to get this sorted now.

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