I cannot get SL10 or SL11 to open or stay open

On Windows 11, I have (re)installed SpectralLayers 10 and 11 several times. SpectraLayers 11 shows the startup screen but then closes with no further sign it is open (not showing in task manager). SpectraLayers 10 will open but will not load a new project or show any indication that a dragged file is open or loading. If I click on the screen after dropping a wav file, I get the (not responding) indicator and this doesn’t seem to change even after several hours. Please adivse. Thanks very much - Mike

What’s your exact computer configuration, in particular your graphic card ? If you don’t have the latest graphic driver, please update your graphic driver.

Wow! Thanks for the very quick reply. I’ll check it out but I’ve had earlier versions of SL on this machine (version 8 I think).