I cannot get the cue sends to work in Cubase 12

Steps I have taken with my PC with my UA Apollo X8
1.Under Audio Connections, Output, I removed my UA thunderbolt 1 and 2 and put them into Control Room Monitor. When I playback music, it works just fine.
2. I created a Cue Send and assigned channel 7 and 8 with UA Thunderbolt under Device.
3. I turned on all the send cues on the mixer page. In the Control room, I switched from the Mix button and clicked on Cue on the top and I left the main on the bottom still highlighted and mix brown/yellow button is highlighted.
4. I put the Cue sends to pre fader
5. All channels has the Cue send active and its green in each channel.

When I move a slider in the Cue on a guitar or drum track, nothing changes.

Do I need to click on the two speakers, or change anything on the bottom menu in Control Panel?

Is the cue activated? When you say nothing happens, are you saying that whatever you have connected to channel 7 and 8 is receiving no signal?

Yes I have signal but its the same mix as the 2 bus mix.

hmm, well it’s 4am here, so I could be missing something obvious, wouldn’t be the first time! Could we see screenshots of the audio connections output setup and control room setup please, maybe the mixer too?

Here are my audio connections.

I would set your ‘Stereo Out’ bus as Not Connected : here, ALL my outputs (monitor, cues, headphones) are set in the Control Room tab to avoid any conflict with eventual existing busses defined in the Outputs one.

Thank you,

I disconnected my outputs. I played a track in pre post on my cue sends and nothing happens when I move the slider left or right and the pan feature does not do anything either. The volume and pan controls do not change anything.

Additionaly, are you sure that the Cue sends are actually activated ? I would double check this, because it works as expected, here, even when activating the Cue sends in a given Cue tab of the Control Room.

EDIT - FWIW, here are my audio connections involving the outputs : 2 cues, 1 monitor and 1 headphone output pairs, with the ‘Stereo Out’ bus set as Not Connected.

I got it to work. What no one advised me was not only do you have to have the Send Cues activated, but in the Control Room, the bottom Main section you also have to switch from Mix to C1. Thank you for those who commented to help me resolve this issue.

That button is only to listen to your cue mix through your main monitors though, I assumed and guess others did too that you wanted to listen to your cue mix through whatever was connected to your cue outputs.

SurrealistBunny, thanks for your reply. This is what happens when all information on what a person wants to do is not explained. :laughing: In my studio, when someone is tracking, I plug them into my headphones from my Apollo X8 and I provide them with a mix they prefer which includes having their vocals or guitar louder in the cans without changing the mix I already created. So by having the Cue Sends come out of the headphone outputs (which is the same as my main outs), we can both listen to the mix they want in the headphones (while I mute the monitors) during tracking.

I don’t need to have a separate mix to another source only, as when they are done with their take, I can switch back to the main mix and hear the mix back to my original mix.

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Glad you got it working. :slight_smile:

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