I cannot install plugins to Cubase Pro 8

So I installed Cubase 8 over my 6.5 that was working fine. It all worked great, so I took the plunge of doing a format C:/ and making a fresh install of Cubase 8, since I for some reason could not uninstall 6.5 and I for some reason had many folder paths that were parallelled ever since Cubase 5 and it was all so cluttered.

Now I have big regrets, because for some reason I just cannot install some plugins. The UAD ones worked, but I was never given a choice where to put them. My C:/ drive is small (SSD), and I prefer to install libraries on a separate disc with only the actuall .dll file being on C:/ and usually not that either.

In the new plugin manager I have successfully pointed to the .dll files already installed on the separate drives, but when updating the plugin information Cubase finds 0 new plugins.

If I reinstall the libraries with the content on the separate drive and the .dll whereever gets suggested, it sometimes work and sometimes not, which is driving me crazy.

I googled and saw a Steinberg FAQ that suggested to add the paths in the VST-plugin tab of the plugin information under devices.

Big problem for me, because when I go to devices / plugin information… I don’t have a VST-plugin tab. ???

I know now I shouldn’t have erased a good working copy of the 6.5 but surely there must be a way to install 3rd party plugins to Cubase Pro 8 ??? Please help.