I cannot open the performer's plugins - Only Audio is heard, he cannot see the plugin

Hi Guys,

I had some issues with VST connect which I seem to be getting around, the guitar player I am using has just downloaded the latest version of VST performer, and a few bugs are happening,

My side opened all his plugins. When I turned them off, I opened one of his plugins again, and he could only hear it and play through it, not see it. It didn’t come up on his screen, i.e, he couldn’t change his settings…

We tried restarting both computers etc, nothing works so far.

Anyone has come across this issue?

If so, how can I fix it?

With thanks!

“My side opened all his plugins” - you cannot open the Performers’ plugins UI. I assume you are talking about Inserts, right? There is also a plugin Instrument for the Performer only.
As for those insert plugins, you can select from the list of plugs installed on the Performers computer. To edit an inserted plugin (only Performer can do that), make sure to have selected the according channel, activate the “Inserts” tab at the bottom of the Monitor Mixer, and click the “e” (for edit) button of the according insert slot.
If this doesn’t work out for you, pls let us know exactly what you want to acheive - and what you do on which computer.

Hey there, cheers for the prompt reply.

Indeed, I am talking about the inserts. What used to happen was that I was going on my Cubase VST connect, on the inserts I would see the Guitarist’s plugins, I would choose a plugin and I would turn it on.

At that point the guitar player could see his plugin turn on (come up on the screen). He could then play around with which sound he wanted and we would then commence recording.

This time around, I would take the same steps, but the guitarist could not see the chosen plugin turn on, on his side…

ok, but then said “e” edit button should do the trick, right?

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I will try that, I just opened the performer on my laptop and saw that ‘e’ sign.

I hope this will work, thanks so much buddy!