I cannot play any music files in WaveLab 12 Elements

No files will play in WaveLab 12 Elements, including music I import from a CD. I can see the file and open, but when I try to play so I can edit the music, I get this message: “The audio device output could not be set to this sample rate: 44 100 Hz.” I thought the problem might be solved with WaveLab 12 Pro so I downloaded the 60-day trial version. Same problem as with 12 Elements. Can anyone help me?

What is your audio device? Is it locked at 48khz

Try with “Resampling” in Master Section set to 48 kHz
then it’s possible to Resample any audio file and listen back
or better if you can change sample rate in your audio device control panel…

regards S-EH

Thanks, mkok and S-EHansson! I did some checking on my laptop speakers and I had two choices: 16 bit 48K or 24 bit 48K. It was set to 16 bit 48K so I changed it to 24 bit 48K. THAT SOLVED THE PROBLEM! Honestly, I don’t know why but I appreciate your responses because they prompted me to dig deeper into the sound management settings of my computer.

By the way, in your case, if you are on Windows, I recommend you use the “Steinberg built-in ASIO driver” in the WaveLab Audio Connections settings.