I cannot register CUBASE LE 4

Hello everyone,

I’m generally new to steinberg Cubase, and I have a question regarding registration of Cubase LE 4.

3 years ago, I bought Lexicon Alpha sound interface that came with Cubase LE 4 installation and Serial Number written on the back of the CD case. I was using another DAW but recently I decided to switch to Cubase to test how it feels producing in this software. I have created a MySteinberg account and installed eLicense Control Center, I copied my SeL number and entered it to MySteinberg but I don’t see how does this help with registering my LE 4… I can’t seem to enter my CD key anywhere, and when I try to enter it in the “download access code” field it says my code is invalid.

Please, if anyone knows how to register this software by using a serial number, give me a hint or two. Thanks in advance.


I´m passing through something similar. I bought a pedal effects really expensive, and I have all the sheets that it contained but it doesn´t bring de damned Activation code and it´s really anoying