I cannot run Cubase 10 pro trial on the soft licenser ?

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I´m trying to test Cubase 10 out with Console 1. However I cannot get past the elicenser.

1: I run the elicenser software on the Mac
2: I paste the activation code sent to me on mail from Steingberg to activate.
3: Elicenser prompts me to insert a valid USB elicenser
4: No option to host the license locally on the Mac

Is it not possible to run Cubase 10 on a local (soft) activation. I will be splitting work time between my laptop and main rig and if I need some blue stick hanging on the side of the laptop to run Cubase - then it´s a dealbreaker…

Any idea´s
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A USB eLicenser is required to run any Pro version, trail or not.

Phew - bummer. So the other versions can have soft license?
Weird, I thought most laptop producers hated usb dongles and would flame any company that forced this upon them, but I guess not here :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Ups! and only one license - so you cannot have a main rig and a laptop without paying double up. Wtf :slight_smile:
Evil Empire

I´ts one license valid for 3 Computers.

And… if the license is on the usb dongle (like Artist & Pro requires), you would of course, have to move the dongle to the other computer(s).

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I know I can move the dongle like in the god ol´ILOK days (with all your licenses on it), but that was such a hazzle. A massive investment in software on a tiny key that would stick out the side of your laptop on a plane. I remember having to glue a usb hub on the lid. Moving that thing around between rigs is prone to trouble and all kind of bad things. Well I guess with software - you cannot win them all :smiley: Funny how companies like Softube, Logic, Studio One etc. make any money with all those licenses they hand out to their customers. :smiley: :smiley:

If your dongle doesn’t have tape or glue on it then you are clearly not a Power User.

Andreas:) In the the good ol’ ilok days I used 3m velcro. Tape or glue did not work since you had to move the Ilok between the rigs, but then enough compinies started allowing soft registration and multiple licenses making it possible not having to transport the Ilok around… I mean you no harm, I’m just basicly disapointed because Cubase looked really nice, but I have left too many expensive plugins behind to rid my self of a dongle just to start over again :slight_smile: That’s it for me on this thread and Cubase - good luck to you all :slight_smile: