I cannot select more than one input port

For some reason i cannot select more than one input port under control panel and this was possible in my previous version

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What you you mean by Control Panel, please?

thanks for replying back, i mean under Studio/Studio Setup/Control panel
this is where you select your input interfaces and output interfaces. i want to select more than one input interface but i can only check one box at a time and same with output interface
i just switched to Cubase 11 pro, i had cubase 5 and i was able to select as many input/output interfaces but not possible in Cubase 11 pro.unless i am missing something.


If you really mean the window, which opens after you click the Control Panel button in the Studio Setup, this is the Audio Device’s Control Panel. Nothing to do with Cubase. The hardware manufacturer programs the driver, where you can set this up.

A screenshot of the window might help.

Martin, please see attached


This is not Cubase window. This comes from Windows.

Thanks for clarification but why then it worked in cubase 5 whatever window it is, I was able to select multiple devices, thanks but I will do some troubleshooting


Was it working in Cubase 5 at the same system (Windows 10)?

Yes sir that is why I am concerned, I Uninstaller cubebase 5 but will install and send you a snapshot