I cannot type the correct code

Excuse me from Japan. I can hardly speak English.

I cannot type the code correctly in Dorico.
If I type as shown on the left, the right one is displayed.
C/E → C E
Cb → C
C# → C
The default preset is selected.
What should I do?

Welcome to the forum! I’m assuming you’re referring to chord symbols here, correct? It seems like you may have changed Library / Font Styles / Chord Symbols Music Text Font to a non-music font. Try changing that to a font such as Bravura Text (or make sure it is inheriting the correct parent style) and see if that fixes the issue.


Thank you! My problem is solved.

I didn’t think the default font would not work.

Maybe because it’s the Japanese version?

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I don’t know what the reason is, but I’ve noticed that I have to deal with those Font styles a lot because, for some reason, the parent font style is wrong. I don’t think it’s a user mistake, it will probably be taken care of in the next update (I hope so).