I cannot upgrade to Dorico 4.0!?

Hope somebody can help me…

Today i bought Dorico 4.0 upgrade from 3.5.
I haven’t had any installation of Dorico on this computer before. I bought an Dorico 3.5 update from earlier versions back in november 2020 (but havent installed yet)

So today I first updated to 3.5 - I can see it has been registered on my eLicenser

And then I’ve tried to update to 4.0, but it now says there is no upgradable licenses on my eLicenser

What have I done wrong? - How can I update to 4.0

Hope you can help me?
/Frederik Nordahl

Welcome to the forum.

You are eligible to a free upgrade to Dorico 4, as shown by your eLicenser. Beginning with Dorico 4 you need to use the Steinberg Activation Manager for activating the product.

You can find the information on how to do this upgrade here

Just click on the button named “Steinberg Licensing” and follow that procedure

Thank you.
It worked! (then I could actually have saved buying the 4.0 Update?)
best regards / Frederik

If you already bought the upgrade previously you might be able to get a refund. The Steinberg shop is maintained by a company named living-c and you can reach them here