I can't activate my license

Hello. I will say right away that I have Cubase 12, and I bought 2 licenses from a stranger who did not need them, but he is always in touch and after 1.5 years of use I have not noticed any signs of fraud. I hope I’m not wrong.
Problem: I mostly work on Mac M1, but sometimes I need to switch to another computer (Windows 10) and this time I deactivated the license on Mac to activate it on Windows, everything was as usual, I ended up working on Windows and came again on Mac. When you click “activate license” in the activation manager, the message “limit exceeded” appears. I went into my account to see what computers were connected (thought that maybe I hadn’t deactivated the license from another computer), but when I clicked “Deactivate licenses on unavailable computers” I saw “No computers in use.” The second license works, but I am sure that if you deactivate it, it will not be activated either.
Help me deal with this problem.

Thank you

go to “show Steinberg license-based products” - it should list where your 3 licenses are used. Then you can de-activate the computer(s) you don’t need from the Activation Manager program.

Could you tell me more? I don’t quite understand.


Cubase 12 is not using eLicenset. At one of the screenshot, we can see, your Cubase 12 license has not been used at any system. Please, activate it via Steinberg Activation Manager.

Btw: You can use one license at up to 3 computers simultaneously. So you don’t have to remove the license, if you are using it on Windows and Mac.

Hello. In my request for help, I wrote that I cannot activate the license in the manager, and in my personal account, when I click “Deactivate licenses on inaccessible computers,” I see “No computers in use.”

Open Steinberg activation manager (not from the My steinberg site, but from one of your computers where Cubase is installed).

You say you have 2 licenses, does this mean the guy you talk about use 1 of 3 versions available and you use 2 of them or do you have 2 licenses and 6 computers?

Have you logged in to your correct account? if you get no available computers on the activation manager and no computers used on your Steinberg account that just don’t add up. I guess you must go to the activation manager on the Windows machine and de activate to make the m1 work… or find the 3rd computer and de activate

Yes, I think this guy is using one of the three available versions. I use two or three computers, I have old projects on Windows and so from time to time I return to my old computer, a colleague has a different license, he does not need to switch.

I checked in the activation manager on both Mac and Windows, the licenses are deactivated.
“if you have no computers available in the activation manager and there are no computers in use in your Steinberg account that simply don’t add up” - yes, there should be an option to deactivate or see which computers are in use, but “No computers in use”. This is the essence of my appeal.


Be aware, this is against the license.

How many systems can I install Cubase 13 on?
You are allowed to install our products on multiple computers, but you can only activate a product on three computers at any one time. A single-user license is intended for a single person, so it is not permitted to use the software on more than one computer simultaneously. If you run out of activations, you can deactivate a license from one of your computers before activating it on a new one.

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That’s right. I cannot use my cubase on more than three computers at the same time. Therefore, I disable my license on one computer and enable it on the other, as written in this instruction.


I was pointing to this sentence:

Are there any sanctions for violating these rules? Is this the source of my problem?