I cant add melodies that i make with vst instruments to any track section

Hello how can i add my melodies that i created with vst instrument to main page in a track section

To better understand your question, can you describe how you are creating these melodies?

I use Damage Guitars vst and pushing the chords on keyboard when i try to stick them to the main page they dont stay there i tried recording but its not working too

Are you using a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer?

I dont but i will

I just saw your other thread asking for suggestions on purchasing a MIDI keyboard, so I’m going to guess you are using your mouse to click on the keyboard representation on the plugin. This will not work.
If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard (or other MIDI equipped instrument) you can either draw in notes in the MIDI Key Editor or you can open up the On Screen Keyboard that allows you to use your computer keyboard as a MIDI keyboard.

Please refer to the manual on how to use these approaches.

Thanks a lot

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