I can't beleive..

that Cubase doesn’t have a bounce in place function.

Though it has tons of medium quality plugs, FX and sounds I will never use.

Bounce in place is fundamental for those working a lot with midi and audio effects and editing and I’m sure it would improve A LOT the workflow.

I love C7.51 but please Steinberg stay focused on the features we really need.

Now I need to wait for Cubase 8, new bugs and new updates for what I think should be a basic feature of Cubase.

It’s called Audio Mixdown,

I’ve got shortcut keys, so I just press P (locators to selection), A (audio mixdown), Enter (do it),

an audio track of your MIDI track all bounced down.

The only thing that may be useful, is if the bounced track didn’t appear at the bottom of the track list, perhaps an option for “below selected track” might help, and I would like to have a “keep the same colour” option as well.

Many of us have been campaigning for years for BIP, but it falls on deaf ears, sadly. There are workarounds of course, but they require many clicks.

Aloha and +1.

But just in case you want to join our ‘sad’ parade. :frowning:
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Careful, it’s deep.

Here is what I’m using. It’s not perfect, but at this point I doubt Steinberg will ever create a BIP.


By the way I think this is a great site for tutorials. It seems to be a site designed for the more common issues.

Just do a batch export, and select the checkbox that asks if you want to import the track(s) back into the project. Works great!

cubasis as better freeze (kind of BIP) then cubase 7.5 has…
i think steinberg will come with something similar to “Track transform” as in Studio one.
they have to catch up with cubase 8 regarding windows management and massive workflow improvements if they want cubase still be in the DAW game for years to come,as other competitor have cheaper price tag and in some areas better modern workflow and GUI.

Thanks for that link! :slight_smile:

Welcome to steinberg; where ‘basic’ means ‘next update’… perptually