I can't believe Cubase pitches up 1 note

I was working with the project that has external midi and 1 reason rewire channel. The time came to a end, needed to record audio from my external device and mixdown that 1 reason channel. I did my recordings and Reason channel surprisingly sounded awkward like 1 note higher the notes. I undo the mixdown and try few more time with the same mistake. I saved the project, closed and re-opened both Cubase and the Reason, still won’t mixdown correctly, 1 note higher all the way. I was half to sure that’s coming from Reason side whatever the problem is. So i export that midi clip and inserted to the reason alone. Export from reason to my desktop. Call the project again but this time inserted Reason’s export. As i said I can’t believe what i am hearing, wave playing on the windows media player and Cubase is different pitch. Never seen this before.

What should i do. This is no life and death situation. Channel was flute only, but i am curious why is that? In the beginning i also tried select all notes and pull down a 1 note and mixdown. It did match the pitch but this time awkwardness was won’t match tempo.

Get your samplerates right.

Thank you sir, it was 48 and 41 conflict project setup and the export page.

I’ve noticed in some cases some strange things with rewire and Cubase, still happens from time to time, although your issue is sorted.
what happens (hard to reproduce)
open cubase
open reason rewire project with a-list guitars both everything set to 48khz
close reason but Cubase stays open.
open reason again - now there is a clear sample rate mismatch coming only from Reason, even though everything looks right.
close both cubase and reason/ reboot too, but reason is still not sync’d properly.
only fix at that point is to close everything and open Reason in stand-alone mode, now it full loads the samples at right sample-rate.
now close Reason again,
now start over with regular procedure of open Cubase first then Reason. all good again…

Hey, thanks for this info. I will keep in mind. I actually have another mild problem. I open project first in Cubase which is 80 bpm then Reason changes this to 120