I can't change time signature.

Everyone says it is easy, but I can’t do it on Cubase 10 Pro. My timeline is on Bar 1, I double click the time sig and type 6/8. I move the line to bar 22 and double click the 6/8 and change it to 4/4. But now the whole song changes to 4/4. What am I doing wrong please? Thanks for any help.
Best wishes PETER BAKER

Hi and welcome,

Click with the Draw too in the Signature track to create a new event on bar 22. Then you can type the new Time Signature at this position.

By typing the value to the Time Signature field, you overwrite the very last value before the cursor. The very same is true for the tempo change.

Wow! That’s brilliant, thank you so much. I must stop watching out of date YouTube videos and come straight here! MUCH APPRECIATED.

Interesting case. And thank you for the tip too. When a knowledgeable person writes then everything becomes obvious.