I can't copy chord symbols on flute


I have this problem: I can’t copy chords symbold in ther staffs like flute. Flute has a solo part (improvisation) but I can’t copy this chords. The chords are in the stave (if you try to imput the chords) but is impossible to see them.

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La primavera19-06-23 SOLO FLAUTA.dorico (2.9 MB)

Try this in Setup mode. Right-click the Flute Player>chord symbols>show for all instruments [this means show chord symbols for all instruments held by this player]. If you don’t need them to show in the score, choose Show in Parts only.

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Chords in Dorico are basically system objects that exist globally for each flow. By default some instruments do not show them since bassoons, for example, rarely play from chords symbols. However, activating for a given player is easy. We must to setup mode and click the instrument card on the left which corresponds to the instrument where the chords are to appear. There will then be a menu for chord symbols available (also one for chord diagrams, so don’t click that by mistake!). The submenus which then appear give many options as to whether the symbols appear on the score, the parts, or both, as well as choices for symbols to be visible throughout the flow or only if slashes are present, which likely what you want. Alternatively, you can also write a chord symbol region for them to appear there ouf that options is chosen in setup mode

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Solved!! Thank you Claude and Janus!

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