I Can't Dance in These Cargo Pants

Collaborated on this last time I was in Nashville with my friends Rick Lonow and Ron Guilbeau.


Loved it. I look forward to your every post.

What he said! Great stuff, Ric plays great again

Another cool tune! Your tunes are always so fun to listen to :slight_smile:

Working on a plan to exterminate poodles…had to stop the track there cause I couldn’t hear anything for laughing !!!
great line…your best yet I think, the vox seemed to be slightly to the right of the mix…dunno if that’s my gear or me being half deaf or what…great work!!! Kevin

I like it!
Very fun.

Wish I could say “last time I was in Nashville”…how cool is that !!..


Nashville is about a 4 hour drive, so I don’t get up there too often. I imagine there’s quite a number of places that you are close to that I would probably say the same thing.

Hope you are doing well and thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

Always like to listen to your music. This song is a lot of fun and I wish I can hear this in a live performance. Vocals is spot on and guitars and drums work together so well. Great piece of music. Michael.

Thanks Michael for the encouraging worsds.

It’s a hit. What are you waiting for? :slight_smile:

Nice mix, song idea, production and originality. (make sure you clear the digital clip between 1:18 - 1:19 before you submit it :slight_smile: )

Thanks Suprawill. I’d love to submit this song to somebody but don’t really know who that would be.

You could start with the American Song Writers contest. Submissions close next month. :slight_smile: