I can't dupe a VST Instr track, but someone else can

So, the question is - if two PC users are using 553, why does one user have the duplicate track available, and the other not? Thoughts?

I would save the preferences and re-install the version that doesn’t have it. Something might have gone wrong during the installation. I have Studio 5.5.3 and I have it.

Nah - that’s not it. A reinstall is not going to do anything that trashing the prefs didn’t. Well, it will fix some things - sure, but not that.

Any other ideas here?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The ability to duplicate a track isn’t a preference, it’s a CB feature. That feature should work with “no” preferences. There’s a whole lot of things re-installing will do that trashing the prefs won’t. Couldn’t hurt you to try.