I can't edit note spacing in Percussion Staff (Dorico 1.2)

While i can, without any hasstle, edit note specing on a piano score, however when i try to do the same with a perscussion only staff score, I can’t.

I’ll attach the project so you can check it out yourselves.
Ejercicios Rítmicos.zip (421 KB)

I’ve brought this up just yesterday on Facebook. This is most likely a bug, since you can edit Note Spacing normally in systems with more than one unpitched staff. I hope the team will check back when this busy period subsides and we’ll get a reaction on this.

This is indeed a bug, and it will be fixed in a forthcoming update.

Thanks for taking time to answer Daniel, I know NAMM has been very exhausting. Do you an ETA on that Bugfix Update? I need to get those rhythmic exercises shaped up for some Students.

No, I’m afraid not at the moment, but it won’t be more than another couple of weeks.