I can't figure this one out (DVD archiving)

I came across a DVD with some older projects stored on it and went to copy them to one of my drives… but after copying a few files the process hangs. When I look at the files on the DVD in Explorer, they all look intact. This is very confusing and frustrating – any help would be appreciated!

I gave up with DVD archiving because they are so unreliable.

Things I’ve done in the past to retrieve old DVD’s include trying different DVD units in same and other computers, cleaning the DVD (wiping gently from inside to outer edge, never in a round and round fashion) and using a CD/DVD cleaning disk. Sometimes successfully other times not.

Thanks split. Yeah, I don’t understand why people look at me odd when I report this problem – I have NEVER had much success with restoring from DVD. What burns me is that the files are all intact on the disc (at least the headers are anyway) but when I go to copy them over, it hangs

Happened to me yesterday. Was transferring projects from old computer to newer one (reset mixer, copy project to new folder, burn that folder to DVD). When copying folder from DVD to newer computer I got messages that few files were not possible to copy. Started transfer process again and this time no probs.

Guess these are just “these” things :slight_smile: