I can't find Cubase Anima anywhere?

I have Cubase Pro 13.0.21. Windows. I watched a video about how to use Halion Sonic 7 and it had Anima in it. I don’t have it. I look on Steinberg to see how to purchase and it appears next to Retrologue an Groove Agent SE. So I think it’s free? I went into Steinberg Download Assistant and it is there under VST Intrumens & Plugins. Already downloaded so I downloaded it again. Still is nowhere in Mediabay. Steinberg Activation Manager runs but is no help. Anima doesn’t show up. What do I need to get Anima? Thanks for any help.

Anima is included in HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7 Collection. So not in HALion Sonic 7.


I see it now. $250. Here. Thank you!