I can't find HI Hat (25% Open), Hi Hat (75% Open), ect

I have the book called Hit-It, The Ultimate Guide To Programming Drums, by Chris Nothdurfter, and he is using Groove Agent in Cubase. In his book he is using 25% open Hi Hat, 50% open Hi Hat, 75% open Hi Hat, Hi Hat pedal Chick, and Hi Hat Foot splash, but I can’t see these options in my Groove Agent in the Drum Editor. I have tried three different acoustic drum kits now. Is it something I have to set up or am I using the wrong drum kits?


Does he using Groove Agent, or Groove Agent SE (which is part of Cubase)? Od what version do you use?

I have the latest version of Groove Agent. I have emailed Chris Nothdurfter about it. He uses these percentages of Hi Hats throughout the book so I have become kind of stuck. He might reply, he says he sometimes does. Surely the latest version of GA would have more facilities, and have more than SE. His book was written in 2014. If he replies I will post about it here.

Maybe he’s using acoustic agent kits. (e.g Brothers in Need) Instrument button on left panel, Edit button on right panel, click HH, adjust openness in lower right corner of right panel by dragging upper cymbal.

Hi-hat foot splashes and chicks are played with the C#3 key. Acoustic Agent kits only.

I think I have figured it out now. If you open Groove Agent up it’s all there on the pads, but they don’t name the Hi Hat in percentages anymore, they will call it Hi Hat Op 1, Hi Hat Op 2, Hi Hat Op 3, etc. Hi Hat Op 1 is called the woodblock on the Drum Editor grid which makes it hard but I guess the grid corresponds to the MIDI format but when you open a kit like Fresh Air it doesn’t use a wood block so they assign the Hi Hat Op 1 to it, and so on. Mystery solved.

in the inspector tab for the midi track, click in the drum map selector and choose “create drum map from instrument”