I can't find how to access the vst options

I can’t find how to access the vst options.

I’m with the last test flight version, before I had the vst module at the bottom.

You mean the MIDI notes and the cc? Change the button 3/4 down-screen on the left, you’re on mixer…

Sorry maybe i don’t explain myself, I refer to these parameters

Oh right! I don’t see the rounded e… What happens when you click on the Ravenscroft marking, under the routing thing?

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Here’s how it looks like on my Dorico for iPad… Looks like you need to update yours…
Make sure you backup all your Dorico files, you never know what could happen, or if you need to delete it (it should not be the case, but just to be sure… backup :wink: )

I mentioned at the beginning that I am in the latest version of test flight, which are the beta versions before releasing an update, I guess it must be a bug, I will report it from there.

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Yes, sorry, I just remembered it now… Must be a beta thing, yes

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Does Test Flight mean you’re on iPad?

Correct, I didn’t clarify in the initial post, but I had it specified in the tags.

I didn’t know you could use VSTs on iPad

Auv3 with the subscription or lifetime