I cant finish my buy because provided password is no recognised

Hi, I was trying to finish my shopping after receive my approval for a crossgrade
I received my password for my account from steinberg but I cant login in my account
If I try to use “forgot my password” will say that my account doesn’t exist
So I reopen my account creating a new one (even with the same email) but I am not able to finish the shopping of my approved crossgrade
I don want to miss the black friday discount
I did submit a ticket but I dont have a “acknowledgement” email from them
I wonder if this is normal

I dont know what else to do :frowning:

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Oh, I was thinking that I was the only one with a problem.
Will alarm whoever I can alarm.


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I have replied to the ticket, you sent @Magali_Ayala. It could be that the Steinberg account and the separate Asknet online shop account log-ins are mixed up.

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Im having the same problem. And today is the last day for the discount crossgrade. PLease help