I can't fix some windows in Cubase 8

When I try to fix Project Synchronization Setup windows in Cubase 8, it doesn’t work…

I post its picture here. As you can I cant see buttons below (OK, CANCEL…)

I hope this will be fixed in next update :frowning:
window problem.jpg


Your screen resolution is smaller then the specification asks for. To fix it, change the screen resolution.

Thanks for reply Martin, my screen resolution is 1366 x 768 as maximum. I cant make it bigger anymore. I didnt get another size problem with other in Cubase till now. But I cant fix size of this window. Maybe there is another solution?

This window Size is fix. But if you click Out of any option and then press Enter, it will “click” to OK button.

Thanks, I solved already this problem with your way before :slight_smile: and other way is: I changed my screen to horizontal so I could see OK and CANCEL buttons as well :slight_smile:
but these are not real solution, they arey like we enter to house from back door.
I want a fixable window like mikser… and maybe Cubase developers will hear this problem from this post…

Not to be condescending in any way; but the software does give a minimum recommendation of screen resolution. The fact that a video monitor with the recommended resolution is about the price of dinner at Denny’s, it makes the most sense to fix the issue by upgrading.

Just sayin…

Thanks for condescending jimmys69 !!!
First I dont want another monitor now, even it is 1 dollar.
Second Cubase writes in that document (we recommended minumum 1366 x 768) so its mean I have this minumum configuration. if they say: we dont support this 1366 x 768 screen size that time I dont expect anything.
Third I wrote here special for Cubase developers maybe they will see and they will try to fix it in next update.
I dont wait perfect things, Cubase can has some mistakes too. It doesnt mean: Cubase is bad.
Maybe they will see and they wont care so much, I dont know…
My post is like feedback about this problem. They fix or not up to them…