I can't get any volume on my print

This is driving me nuts. I made several passes at a print of a mix I did. IN Nuendo, the print is plenty hot. When I export in real time, the print is plenty hot. When I shut Nuendo down and play the print, I’ve lost almost 20db!!
At first I thought I’d set the limiter too high. But it was only going 2-1 and the leds read a comfortable -6. I’ve tried it with and without compression and I adjusted the volume on the export app wide open. Every single print sounds exactly alike, -20db from where I tried to print it, and whatever it is is now effecting all the exports. 2 other projects are showing the same symptoms! I cannot figure out what’s going on. Anybody got any ideas? Did I inadvertently turn something off in the preferences or something?

What export app?
Can you send me an NPR file?

I’m just talking about the export section of N4.3.
Nuendo 4.3 Export Engine.jpg
The lower section on the right that says Audition Volume.

I’ve got 3 versions: 1) Flat 2) Flat Print mastered with UAD-1 Neve 33609SE Limiter 3) Source Print with Classic Master Comp/Lim & N4 Studio EQ. All 3 versions were exported at 44-16 Wave Files and all sounded exactly alike when played on the desktop after closing Nuendo. I can turn the volume up on the desk. But that’s artificial. During export the leds are at -6db. Desktop playback never goes above -20db.

I’m going to make one more pass just raising the gain on the event to see if that makes any difference. This is bizzar!

Problem solved. It’s not Nuendo. It was Windows Media player. I opened the files in QT & Real Player and the volume matched Nuendo. Went back to WMP the volume level was stuck near off. I did a repair on it and it’s playing fine now. Thanks for your help.