I can't get Cubase 6 AI to pick up Steinberg Cl1

Hi everyone. So recently, I bought Cubase AI 6, which came with Steinberg Cl1. I’ve installed Cubase and installed and registered Steinberg Cl1, and it seems like a really awesome product. But the problem I’m having is this: Whenever I try to record my guitar through Cubase, I can’t hear anything. I heard you have to click monitor, so I did, but then all I could hear was static. I think the problem has something to do with the VST Connections, under Devices>VST Connections. But I don’t know how to sort out those connections.
I went VST Connections before, and I couldn’t find Steinberg Cl1 or anything similar to that under the device ports. In fact, all I could find was “Line In/Mic In - 1” and “Line In/Mic In - 2”.

If anyone could help me, I’d be extremely grateful :smiley:


Select the correct driver in Device Setup.

How do I do that? Sorry, I really don’t know my way around Cubase.

Look in Device Setup in AI6 and under the ASIO driver bit select the CI1 ASIO Driver, then read the getting started guide and the setup manual that came with the CI1, it’s all explained.

Oh wait, don’t worry I got it. Thanks heaps for your help :smiley: