I Cant get no connection

trying to connect with a friend. I have Cubase pro 10.5 on win10, he has VST connect performer on Mac.
We cant establish a connection:

You are already in a session. Make sure not to use the same name as the Studio

Hm. We can see each other in the friends panel, but it refuses to connect.
Any help?

Strange, after a while i get the error:
somebody tries to connect to you but uses an incompatible version

I have PM’d you. If you want to test with me. I am trying to get it going as well, with the identical setup. I have both machines here with me now, so I can test both sides.

If you can’t reply to the pm, reply here

It is exactly what it says. You need to make sure to both use the latest version.

I found the bug, its the new beta version which doesnt work with 10.5
4.0.20 runs